OOH drives online search! ⁠

A whopping 41% of people who see an OOH ad will use a search engine to gain more information about the product or service. That coupled with ABS 2021 figures of more than now 5 million registered vehicles in Victoria translates to the perfect time to tap into TOM’s premium OOH inventory.⁠ Contact TOM today.

TOM helps your brand engage

TOM’s specialty is helping brands engage with out-of-home audiences by drawing on their strategic regional billboard network. If you have a specific site or series of sites in mind, TOM can make sure you’re seen by thousands of passing drivers every day. They’re here for local businesses, government departments, national campaigns and international brands. ⁠⁠TOM’s […]

Huge surge in buyer confidence post Covid

As the state and country open up post-Covid-19 Pandemic, TOM has witnessed a huge surge in buyer confidence displaying a titanic increase in future OOH bookings for the next 6 months. ⁠⁠“It goes without saying, through Victoria’s lockdown and with few cars on the roads and Highways it was extremely challenging to get businesses to […]

Geelong by the numbers

2019/20 Tourism Data Snapshot⁠⁠Geelong, Geelong Region⁠ – Impressive numbers.⁠Tourism Economic Value > $765 m⁠Domestic Overnight Visitors > 5.3 m⁠Domestic Expenditure > $914 m⁠International Overnight Visitors > 44,000⁠International Expenditure > $51 m⁠⁠TOM > Celebrating Regional Victoria. Contact TOM today.