About Total Outdoor Media

Hi – we’re TOM.
Victoria’s regional and gateway outdoor media specialist.

Based in Melbourne and working right across the state of Victoria, TOM is the independent outdoor media group of choice for those who want to reach regional markets – around 25% of the state’s population.

Over the years we’ve built a unique portfolio of large format billboards both digital and static on major highways across regional Victoria, as well as high-exposure locations in metropolitan Melbourne.

What makes TOM different?

We are your regional billboards experts and out-of-home company
with premium large format digital displays in key regional centres. 

 The TOM team have worked for the country’s biggest operators in outdoor media. 
We understand the pressures and the opportunities of getting your message out there.

When we develop a site, we do our homework.
TOM locations are positioned to be seen clearly by more passing motorists.

We’re for local businesses, national campaigns, and everything in between.
TOM is your creative partner – we’ll work with you to help get the results you want all around Victoria.

 We abide by the industry’s Code of Ethics, we do everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment, and we operate responsibly with our clients, partners and stakeholders. At TOM, we’re proud of our reputation, and we intend to continue to lead the industry as the landscape continues to change.