Northcote Koori Mural

Circa 1983, Visual Artist, Megan Evans designed and created the Northcote Koori Mural. Originally located at the Northcote Town Hall. The mural was motivated by the dispossession of indigenous people and the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous people and with friends and collaborators, the 40m wall of art was born. Fast forward 30 years, the […]

Gateway to Geelong and the Great South West of Victoria

After 7 years in town planning and consultation, TOM are delighted with what can only be labelled as ‘Iconic Billboards’. Located at the wedge where the Princes Highway and the Princes Freeway seperate the Corio-Geelong metro and the major arterial to the Surf Coast and the Great South West. Wrapped in the Geelong Football Club colours, these […]